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Hack O Lantern Vhs. The result is much bloodshed, violence, and evil. Don't mess with the bull.

The Horrors of Halloween
The Horrors of Halloween from thehorrorsofhalloween.blogspot.com

3.7 out of 5 stars 4 ratings. Hack o'lantern ★ halloween night 1987granddad worships satan, and gets his grandson involved; So i was a little disappointed there given the name of the movie and the prominence of the pumpkin on the poster art.

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The spooky season is among us and sure, you could throw in the halloween ii vhs or maybe even night of the demons to get into the mood, but i like to dig a little deeper. A cult leader tries to recruit his grand kids to join him and sacrifice victims on halloween. 1988’s straight to video cheeseball classic hack o’lantern provides just the right amount of fun, nostalgia, and gore to make it on my yearly watchlist.

When Tommy Was A Boy, He Saw His Grandpa (Hy Pyke), The Leader Of A Vicious Satanic Cult, Murder His Father In A Brutal Ritual On Halloween Night.

The result is much bloodshed, violence, and evil. Posted by loonie cryptos on jun 23, 2016. No defects, little sign of use.

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Now tommy (gregory scott cummins) is 18 and grandpa is ready to. Directed by mundhra jag / pyke hy / scott greg c. Jack o' lantern vhs rated:

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Hack o lantern dvd aka halloween night dvd is a fun retro 80s slasher with a cool halloween twist. The first viewing that followed revealed hilarious dialogue, a terrible stand up comic, strippers at a high school halloween party, satanic cults, and fantasies of being the second guitar in a metal band. I t's a holiday slasher!

3.7 Out Of 5 Stars 4 Ratings.

(there is a bad habit among video companies to use some hack art for animation covers that is not from the film, and makes the film look worse on the cover than what is actually on the tape, seems self defeating to me.). Hack o lantern (aka halloween night aka death mask) is a 1988 part slasher, part satanic, part heavy metal horror film directed by jag mundhra, written by carla robinson and stars hy pyke, gregory scott cummins, carla baron. This item was listed in the fixed price format with a.

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